What are "sight words"?  Sight words are words that we see and use often when reading and writing.  Good readers should be able to recognize and read them instantly.  Many of these words do not sound like their spellings, therefore sounding them out would be unproductive.  Developing a large sight word vocabulary helps a student become a better reader by increasing reading fluency, speed, and accuracy.  On this page you will find online resources for sight word practice.



  Parent/Teacher Resources 

Word Lists

Pre-Primer List

Primer List

First Grade List

Second Grade List

Third Grade List

Word Search Puzzles

Click here for printable word searches created by Betsy B. Lee!

Pre-Primer #1

Pre-Primer #2

Pre-Primer #3

Primer #1

Primer #2

First Grade #1

First Grade #2

First Grade #3

For the complete list of Dolch Puzzles, click on the apple!

More Word Search Puzzles!

Click here for printable word searches from www.createbyteachers.com!

First Grade Word search # 1

First Grade Word search #2

First Grade Word search #3

First Grade Word search #4

First Grade Word search #5


Hear the Sight Words

On this page, students can use the mouse to hear sight words!

Dolch Word Cards

Click here to find some printable word cards from abcteach!

Jan Brett Dolch Word Lists

Click here to find printable Dolch word lists decorated with the beautiful illustrations of Jan Brett. So, pretty!